Integrated transport services

The services we offer are not only limited to passenger car rental but also include:

  • Transportation of VIPs.
  • Transfer of persons to and from the airport.
  • MINI-VAN and MINI-BUS rentals.
  • Long-term rentals.
  • JEEP and SUV rentals.
  • Cars for sightseeing.
  • High security movements.
  • Luxury car rental with driver for weddings.


Here you will find all the answers about car rentals:

Yes. The car rental agency has the right to charge an extra fee if you return the car to a different location. Your rental voucher will clearly state whether the one-way trip charge is included as part of the rental price, along with any other additional charges incurred during the booking process.
If you wish to pick up or return your car when the car rental office is closed, you may be charged an out-of-hours fee. This charge will be explained to you in detail when you make your booking.
Mileage charges are explained in detail in the Rental Terms during the booking process. Some rental agencies charge extra for mileage. Full explanations will be given to you when you collect your rental car.
You should immediately call the police and then contact the Intrarent branch.
You will need the written approval of Intrarent, who will also issue the required green card.
If there is no damage to the vehicle, the guarantee is released after the rental is completed. This is determined by the car rental agreement and the rented vehicle.
The reservation can be made using a debit card instead of a credit card. A valid credit card in the driver’s name must still be presented at the time of pick-up. This is used to deposit the rental amount and credit is withheld on the card until the deposit is complete. We readily accept MasterCard and Visa at the time of pickup and, in some cases, may make concessions in order to accept American Express cards.
Each car rental agency has its own policy on surcharges which is clearly stated in the Rental Terms and Conditions at the time of booking. You can expect additional charges for situations such as:

– Receipt or delivery outside normal working hours
– Crossing international borders
– One way rental
– Drivers under 21 or over 60 years of age
– Snow tires

You are expected to pay the additional charges directly to the rental office of the delivery in local currency.

The car rental agency decides how you pay for fuel. In most cases, this depends on the length of the rental period. There are different types of fuel policies that can be put in place, but we will clearly state which one applies to you at the time of booking.

The most common fuel policies are:

– Deliver full, deliver empty: This type of fuel policy usually applies to rentals of at least 4 days. Your vehicle will be handed over to you with a full tank of fuel at pick-up, for which you will be charged. You can return the vehicle empty. Please be aware that there may be higher charges per litre from the rental agent compared to the price at the local petrol station and no reward is given for any fuel likely to be left in the tank on delivery.

– Deliver full, deliver full: This type of fuel policy is only available for vehicle rentals for 1 to 3 days. Your vehicle will have a full tank of fuel and is expected to be returned full. Depending on the agent, you may be asked to leave a fuel deposit, which is tied to your credit card and is refundable when you return the car full. You will be charged for any shortage of fuel. The rental company’s price per litre can be significantly higher than that of petrol stations. Unless otherwise stated, fuel charges can be paid at the rental desk.

It is recommended that you check the details of the policy on fuel charges during the booking process in the Rental Terms and Conditions and ask any questions you have of the agent to avoid unexpected charges.

The rental confirmation we sent you when you made your booking contains a list of the documents you will need to provide us with on collection. The following documents can be expected to be requested for the rental of the vehicle:

– A valid credit card issued in the driver’s name. Accepted credit cards include MasterCard, Visa and, in some cases, American Express. Debit cards without a major credit card logo cannot be accepted.

– Driver’s license in the driver’s name, older than one year. No licenses associated with major violations will be accepted.

– Confirmation of the reservation sent to you when booking the vehicle. You must have received it within 48 hours of requesting the booking and you must print a copy to present to the agent.

– Check the terms and conditions set out by your chosen agent for any other necessary documentation or documents required.

You will find all the details of the necessary documents printed inside your rental voucher.

– You will find various payment options during the booking process. These include:

– Book now, pay later: Secure your reservation with a small deposit at the time of rental and pay the balance as your pickup date approaches.

– Pay now: Pay in full at the time of booking.

Only valid original driving licences are accepted by the rental agency. The driver’s license is also required at the time of pick-up.
Cancellations can only be made in writing. In case of cancellation 30 days before the date of receipt there is a charge of 20% of the amount (15 days before 30%, 7 days before 50%, 1 day before 100% and Non Show 100%)
We only show pictures of cars during the booking process to guide you. We cannot guarantee that the car shown as an example will be available at your rental agency. Since it is used as a driver, however, you should be given a vehicle of the same class that can hold an equal number of passengers and luggage. If the car rental agency does not provide you with a car with these specifications, you are entitled to a refund. Contact us if you need more information or want to request a refund.
The duration of the rental period of the vehicle and the policy of the rental agency determine how the petrol is calculated. There are different fuel policies and the one that will apply to you is stated on your rental voucher. The usual ways of charging for fuel are:

– Deliver full, deliver empty: The agency hands you the car with a full tank, usually at a price per litre of fuel significantly higher than what you’ll find at petrol stations. You can return the rented car with an empty tank, but no compensation will be given for any residual fuel in the tank. This type of fuel policy is usually used for car rental agreements that last for at least 4 days.

– Delivered full, delivered full: Used for vehicle rentals for 1 to 3 days. This policy ensures that your vehicle will have a full tank of fuel. It is expected that it will also be returned full. If not, the agency will charge for the amount of missing fuel at a much higher rate than a gas station. You are expected to pay this fuel charge to the rental agency.

Before you drive off in your car, make sure you have a clear understanding of how fuel charges work to avoid having to pay any unforeseen charges. These policies can be found during the booking process in the Rental Terms and Conditions.

The insurance that comes with your car rental includes:

– Refund in case of overcharging.
– Insurance for damage to windows, wheels, chassis, and roof.
– Insurance for loss or theft of the rental car keys.
– Insurance for any personal loss or damage inside the rental car.

Exact costs and cover are available in the Excess Compensation terms and conditions which will be provided to you when you make the booking.
Whether or not you purchase additional insurance, the car rental agency will place the additional amount on your credit card as a security deposit. As long as you return the vehicle intact and with the correct amount of fuel, the amount will be released from your card immediately. If the car is damaged during the rental, the deposit will be held by the agency to cover the cost. If you have purchased overdraft insurance, this amount will be refunded.
At the time of pick-up you will need to make sure you have enough money on your credit card to cover at least the amount of the guarantee. The amount of the security deposit will vary depending on the rental conditions, but will be clearly stated in the rental agreement.

The rental price includes:

– In most cases Collision Damage Waiver
– Protection in case of Third Party Liability
– Tax
– Aviation tax (if applicable)
– Unlimited Distance Expansion
– Roadside Assistance.

Costs vary depending on the car rental agency and destination country. You may also be asked to pay a deposit at the reception of the rental agency. These should be included in the Rental Terms and Conditions you received when you booked.